Right:  Angelo "Big Ange"
was the oldest living
Cleveland Mafia member.  
When this picture was taken in
1983, Lonardo, the acting boss
of the Cleveland Mafia, was
about to become the
highest-ranking mob snitch.
Lonardo died at the age of 95
in 2006.
Right & Left:
Pasquale "Butchie" Cisternino Sr.
(seen at the lower left in the picture
to the right) poses with friends at
the Lorain Correctional Institution in
1987. Cisternino had lost much
weight due to his fight with
pancreatic cancer, a battle he lost in
1990 at the age of 56. He had been
in prison since his 1978 conviction
with Ronald Carabbia for the
car-bombing of racketeer Danny
Greene a year earlier.
Left:  In this rarely seen color photo,
courtesy of a former strike force
Thomas "The Chinaman"
poses for a mug shot in 1977.
Sinito was made into the Mafia in 1979
and became a lieutenant. He was sent
to prison in 1982 for murder and died
behind bars in 1997 at the age of 59.

Right:  Picture of
Thomas Sinito given
to us by his daughter.
Charlie Debalzo
aka Charlie Brown
Above:  Moe Dalitz 1982
Joseph "Joe Loose" Iacobacci
on a "good day"
Above:  John "Curly" Montana
Anthony P. Delmonti has proven to be the best federal
informant against Cleveland's Mob since Angelo Lonardo
in the 1980s, but also left most of its activities unscathed.

Anthony Delmonti died, from a heart attack, April 26,
2007 at age 61.
Joseph "Joe Loose" Iacobacci
Russell J. Papalardo

both having one of those days they
just as soon ...
Ronald "The Crab"
was released
in 2002 from prison
after serving 24 years
for his role in the 1977
murder of Irish
gangster Danny
Greene. Federal officials
fear he will resume
organized crime
activities in Youngstown
for the Cleveland Mob.
Right:  Igor Abramovsky was jailed in
the 1990s after threatening
customers of Cleveland-based,
Russian-owned computer companies.
The FBI said he claimed connections
to Russian mobsters in New York City.
Right:  In this FBI surveillance photo,
taken circa 1980, Cleveland Mafia
Joseph Gallo, left, speaks with
a mob associate. Gallo was sent to
prison for life in 1982 on drug
conspiracy charges. He is only one of
two Cleveland "made" mafioso still in
prison. Ronald Lucarelli Jr. is the
other, who will get out no later than
Above:  A crowd of mobsters, connected men and their lady friends gather
at Nido Italia restaurant in Cleveland's Little Italy. Such gatherings at this
and other Cleveland-area establishments are common, and offer "chance
meetings" where mob business is allegedly discussed. However, this
doesn't mean that the owners of these restaurants condone or participate
in their patrons' illicit activities.  
Below:  Just down the road from Cleveland, in Jackson Township
(between Akron and Canton), video gambling was a popular
attraction, especially in 2003 when local, state and federal agents of
the Northern Ohio Organized Crime Task Force paid a visit to shut it
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Above:  Ralph Bucci
Eugene "The Animal" Ciasullo...
retired and living a crime-free life
in Pennsylvania.
Above:  Robert Poghen (pictured above-left), reputed
hitman and former member of the Chuckie Porter-Lenine
Strollo crew from Youngstown Ohio at a “coming home”
party for
Milton “Maishe” Rockman (Rockman pictured

The party was thrown by Rockman’s son, celebrating his
fathers release from prison after serving over seven years
in federal prison for his role in skimming proceeds from slot
machines from the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Rockman died of natural causes, less than a year after his
release from a federal correctional facility in Ashland,
Kentucky. The death of Milton Rockman marked the end of
an era.

According to government sources, Poghen has recently
been indicted on federal charges.  
Left:  Joey Naples

Naples was killed in a mob hit in
Youngstown in 1991 that the FBI
suspects was engineered by Lenny

Strollo became a government
witness in 1999.
Left:  James Traficant
the Mob's Sheriff
Right:  Mike Taccetta
Above:  Joey "The Clown" Lombardo
Above:  John Scalish
Left:  John Nardi

... yes this picture was taken
when Nardi was still alive!
Above:  Edward DeBartolo
Left:  ex-FBI Agent Dan Mitrione Jr.

He called himself a ''double agent'' in the
war on drugs.  In November 1985, at the
age of 38, he was sentenced to 10 years in
prison for taking $850,000 in bribes and
stealing about 85 pounds of cocaine from a
drug shipment. Mr. Mitrione was an FBI
Agent for 11 years and resigned in 1983.
Above:  Tony Liberatore
Above:  Salerno mugshot
Eugene Ciasullo & Jake LaMotta
Left: Maxim Shebelnichenko a
reputed Russian gangster, failed to
appear in 2001 for an 18-month
prison sentence on weapons
charges after he and Sergey Tomilko
of Mayfield Hts. were arrested on
Interstate 271, in possession of
machine guns and other weapons.
These two were returning from a
botched robbery of a
Russian-owned, Solon computer
Above: In a lighter mob moment, Michael Guido Joye, a
county jail guard, is sworn into the Mafia by the FBI.  
Agents, including John Tanza (aka Johnny Amico), held
the induction in 1997 at Tanza's apartment in the
Carlyle Tower in Lakewood. Joye was one of 50+ cops
and guards arrested for protecting phony FBI drug
Frank Brancato
Above:  Dutch Schultz
Above:  John DeMarco
Above:  Leo "Lips" Moceri
Above:  Meyer Lansky
Above:  Elliot Ness
Above:  Butchie Cisternino mugshot
Left:  Alfred "Allie" Calabrese was
one of the Cleveland Mob's best
earners. He went to prison in the
mid-1990s for bank fraud (with
Iacobacci) and died from a stroke in
1999 after being attacked by an
inmate. He was a year or two away
from leaving prison.